Embark on a Soul-Nourishing Journey with Sunny Dawn Johnston & Her Team

Join us for a 7-Day Western Caribbean Cruise!

Dates: February 23 – March 1, 2025

Why This Cruise?

This is more than a vacation; it’s a transformative experience designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy soul-enriching activities, powerful workshops, and the natural healing properties of the sun and sea.

What to Expect:

  • Exclusive Workshops: 10 hours of intimate, personalized workshops with Sunny. (additional cost).
  • Healing Activities: Music therapy, guided healings, and group activities to soothe and uplift.
  • Stunning Destinations: Discover the beauty and culture of Costa Maya, Belize, Honduras, and Cozumel.
  • Connection & Community: Build lasting bonds with like-hearted individuals in a supportive environment.
  • Relaxation: Experience the stress-reducing benefits of the sea, with negative ions that boost your immune system.

Ports of Call:

  • Costa Maya, Mexico: Ancient Mayan ruins and vibrant coral reefs.
  • Harvest Caye, Belize: Pristine beaches and thrilling water sports.
  • Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras: Snorkeling, diving, and cultural experiences.
  • Cozumel, Mexico: Stunning beaches and ancient ruins.


  • Balcony Cabins: $2199 per person, includes meals, entertainment, and amenities like free Wi-Fi, specialty dining, and beverage packages.

Pre-trip Excursion

  • Pre-trip excursion in New Orleans on February 22. Explore the French Quarter, Garden District, and more for only $300 until July 29.

How to Register:

Experience a Life-Changing Journey!

For seven fun-filled, soul-nourishing days, we will sail across breathtakingly pristine waters to the Western Caribbean on a Norwegian Cruise Lines’ ship The Getaway while reaping the endless benefits of nature’s most purifying detoxifiers.

As the sun, sea, sand, starlit sky, and island breezes neutralize and revitalize your body at the cellular level, serenity and rejuvenation of the mind and spirit are imminent as you experience:

During your 7-day cruise, we’ll visit the ports of Costa Maya Mexico, Harvest Caye in Belize, Roatan Bay Islands in Honduras, and Cozumel, Mexico, where picturesque beaches, colorful marine life, stunning coral reefs, and dynamic cultures captivate and inspire you at the core.

The life-changing learning and healing you will undergo during this memorable spiritual retreat will be complemented with just as much energizing play, fun and relaxation, my friend. And it is my honor to be your guide through it all during the days we are sailing together.

Yes, Sunny! I Can't Wait to Set Sail and Heal With You!

Costa Maya, Mexico

Snorkeling and Diving in Vibrant Coral Reefs

Your first stop on your Caribbean excursion is Costa Maya, Mexico. Costa Maya offers tourists a blend of adventure and relaxation. Visitors can explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Chacchoben, immersing themselves in rich history and culture. Nature enthusiasts will love snorkeling or diving in the vibrant coral reefs of Mahahual, teeming with colorful marine life. 

The port area itself is bustling with shops, restaurants, and bars, perfect for enjoying local cuisine and picking up unique souvenirs. For a more tranquil experience, visitors can lounge on pristine beaches or indulge in a beachfront massage. 

Adventure seekers can try exciting activities like zip-lining and ATV tours through the jungle. With its stunning natural beauty, historical sites, and lively port atmosphere, Costa Maya provides a memorable and diverse experience for all types of travelers.

Harvest Caye in Belize

White, Sandy Beaches Await Your Arrival...

Harvest Caye in Belize is a tropical paradise that offers tourists a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. This private island features pristine white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling. 

Thrill-seekers can enjoy water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, and parasailing. The island boasts a large, luxurious pool with a swim-up bar, providing a perfect spot to unwind with a tropical drink. Nature lovers will appreciate the island’s wildlife sanctuary, home to exotic birds, butterflies, and marine life. 

Visitors can also explore the local culture and crafts at the shopping village or savor authentic Belizean cuisine at the island’s restaurants. With its stunning natural beauty and diverse activities, Harvest Caye promises an unforgettable tropical getaway.

Roatan Bay Islands in Honduras

Swim with the Dolphins

Roatán Bay Islands in Honduras offer cruise tourists a tropical haven filled with diverse attractions. The island is famed for its pristine beaches and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest in the world, making it a premier destination for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. 

Adventure seekers can explore lush jungles via zip-line or take a guided tour to encounter exotic wildlife. The charming villages on the island provide a cultural experience with local cuisine, crafts, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Visitors can swim with dolphins, visit the iguana farm, or relax at the butterfly garden

For those seeking relaxation, the island’s serene beaches and beachfront spas offer a perfect escape. Roatán Bay Islands promise a blend of natural beauty, adventure, and cultural richness, ensuring an unforgettable visit.

Cozumel, Mexico

Relax in Crystal Clear Waters or Explore the Mayan Ruins

Cozumel is proof that Mexico can do ‘island flavor’ with the best of the Caribbean. It may not be the biggest island in the sea, but Cozumel offers a vast variety of things to do, see, taste, and explore. 

This island happens to be perched atop a coral reef, which promises hours of snorkeling or scuba diving fun. Cruises to Cozumel dock at the island’s heart, minutes from San Miguel’s seafront shops and the white sand beach at Chankanaab National Park. Drift among star corals and sea fans on a Cozumel diving excursion or kick back on the beach beneath your own palm palapa as the turquoise waves roll in. 

With non-stop zip line action, ancient discoveries at the nearby Mayan ruins, or time spent with your toes in the sand, Cozumel may just top your best cruise trips list… before you even get home.

Plan Your Caribbean Escape

Cruise Itinerary

Port of Call | Date | Arrival Time | Departure Time

  • Embark New Orleans, Louisiana: 2/23/2025, 4:00 pm
  • At Sea: 2/24/2025
  • Costa Maya, Mexico: 2/25/2025, 11:00 am-7:00 pm
  • Harvest Caye, Belize:  2/26/2025, 8:00 am-6:00 pm
  • Roatan (Bay Islands), Honduras: 2/27/2025, 8:00 am-4:00 pm
  • Cozumel, Mexico: 2/28/2025, 9:00 am-7:00 pm
  • At Sea: 3/01/2025
  • Disembark New Orleans, Louisiana: 3/02/2025, 7:00 am

Check out the lead ship in Norwegian Cruise Line’s Breakaway class, in this full walkthrough ship tour that covers all of the public areas of the ship! Currently sails from Port New Orleans in Louisiana and offers the ultimate in cruise ship luxury!

Balcony Cabins

based on double occupancy

$ 2199
Per Person
  • Up to 150 minutes of free Wi-Fi per person
  • 2 specialty dining meals. (Tips included)
  • Free beverage package which includes unlimited sodas, juices, beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails based on the following selections: premium cocktails & spirits under $15, a variety of beer and wine by the glass under $15, 20% off all bottles of champagne and wine. (Tips included)
  • $50 shore excursion credit per cabin
  • Airport transfers
(The tips for the cabin steward, and normal dining servers are not included.)

Cruise lines assume each cabin will have 2 people and don’t offer discounts if you want a cabin to yourself.

Cabins are reserved double occupancy (a roommate can be matched up for you if desired) or contact our travel agent Jerry Miner at jerryminer730@gmail.com if single cabin room rates are desired.

Prices quoted do not include Sunny’s workshop fee or optional shore excursions.

  • My onboard workshops require separate registration, which you can do right here.
  • The cruise price includes meals, accommodations, and entertainment onboard the ship. Since many of Sunny’s previous travelers have purchased annual trip insurance, insurance costs for the cruise are not built in. Please notify Jerry if you are interested in cruise insurance, which is highly recommended.
  • In order to utilize your airport transfers, flight information must be provided to Jerry Miner a minimum of 30 days prior to departure.
  • You will need a passport for this cruise with a minimum of 6 months left before expiration.
  • A deposit of $250 per person is required at the time of booking.
  • Final payment is due no later than October 24, 2024.
  • If you choose to cancel prior to October 24, 2024, you will be refunded your deposit less a $50 processing fee. Cancellations 60 days or less prior to departure are totally non-refundable unless you’ve purchased travel insurance.
  • The $111 workshop deposit is non-refundable.

Dive Into Healing and Relaxation

Maximize Your Connection Time

2 Cruise Package Add-On Opportunities

Exclusive At Sea Workshops

To Enhance Your Experience​

10 hours of intimate and exclusive workshops

In addition to our days of fun in the sun, you will have the option of joining my team and me for a total of 10 hours of intimate and exclusive workshops as we sail to and from the Western Caribbean.

My approach to teaching is organic and, in the moment, so topics and themes will be determined by your needs and those of the group. Each lesson and offering co-created will cleanse and liberate the mind-body-spirit and enable you to receive nature’s healing magic and magnificence at the deepest level possible. 

Because your voice will shape the nature and outcome of this wellness retreat, these workshops will be unique to this group and will likely never be offered again.

A large part of your personal healing experience during our two days at sea will be what I call “A Journey To The Heart.” This sacred process allows you to safely and openly explore areas in your life that have prevented you from knowing that you are, and will always be, a magnificent expression of steadfast light and love in their purest forms.

You will also learn the true meaning of unconditional love and how to express the freedom that comes with embodying it. Plus, you will unearth the extraordinary power you possess when you realize that love is life’s only driving force and it truly never ends.

Each day and every night, we will connect, heal, laugh, and play as I lead the way to promote optimal health and wellness, spiritual growth, and harmony in your life. My incredible team will be present and by your side to deliver that extra boost of love, guidance, laughter, and support that keeps you uplifted and on track.

Experience the Magic of New Orleans

Cruise Pre-Trip Excursion

Saturday, February 22
1pm – 7pm
Early Bird Price: $300 thru July 30; Regular price: $350 begins July 31

Join us for an unforgettable day exploring the vibrant heart of New Orleans!
Discover the Rich Culture and History of The Big Easy

What your adventure day includes:

  • French Quarter: Wander through the iconic streets of the French Quarter, where every corner is alive with history, music, and mouth-watering cuisine.
  • Garden District: Marvel at the stunning antebellum mansions and lush gardens in this picturesque neighborhood.
  • Crescent Park: Enjoy breathtaking views of the Mississippi River and the city’s skyline in this beautiful urban park.
  • St. Louis Cemetery: Learn about the fascinating history and unique burial practices in one of

This will be a fun day to spend together prior to our cruise. All you need to do is show up and immerse yourself in the experience – we’ve taken care of all the details.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to explore the heart and soul of New Orleans with SDJ. Register for your spot today and take advantage of our early bird pricing until July 30!

When you travel with Sunny and her team you are sure to have adventures with and without them! There is always a sense of magic when any of her tribe gather together. It’s like summer camp for adults and everyone brings fun and laughter! We joined the cruise for the 2nd time and had so much adventure between swimming with Sunny and the group with stingrays to adventures on our own jumping off waterfalls- we can't wait for the next trip and recommend any of Sunny's travels! She creates a safe and exciting atmosphere in every situation!
Jodie Harvala
Cruise Participant

Meet My Team

Sunny Dawn Johnston - Angel Expert | Psychic Medium | Author | Spiritual Biz Mentor

Sunny Dawn Johnston is a renowned psychic medium, transformative thought leader, and spiritual business mentor. As a weekly columnist for Woman’s World magazine and the author of twenty-four books, including bestsellers such as Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends, Sunny has established herself as a leading voice on intuition, mediumship, angelic communications, and spiritual entrepreneurship.

Through her compelling courses, personalized sessions, and dynamic live events, Sunny has fostered a vibrant global community. Whether engaging with her audience in person or virtually, she offers potent mentorship that empowers thousands of students. Her guidance helps individuals connect deeply with their inner spirit and navigate life at a higher vibrational, multi-dimensional way.

Kris Voelker - Soul Musician – Web Goddess/IT Gal

Meet Kris, the soul musician who not only awakens your Spirit but also rocks the tech world for Sunny Dawn Johnston! Kris’s music is like a sonic hug for your soul, sparking a new level of awareness and higher consciousness. With a unique blend of captivating melodies and soul-soothing arrangements, Kris’s tunes are the perfect soundtrack for your journey to personal empowerment.

When she’s not creating musical masterpieces, Kris is the tech guru behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly for Sunny Dawn Johnston. Whether she’s on stage or behind a screen, Kris brings hope, inspiration, and a sprinkle of magic to everything she does. So, get ready to feel uplifted and empowered, because Kris’s music and tech wizardry are here to transform your world!

Deb McGowan - Massage Therapist – Big Ben/Task Master

Meet Deb, the massage therapist with a magical touch and a knack for keeping things on track at the Sunlight Alliance Healing Center. Since joining Sunny’s Healing Team in 2006 alongside her wife, Kris Voelker, Deb has been the heartbeat and timekeeper, affectionately known as the Big Ben/Task Master.

Deb brings her playful spirit and Virgo-level attention to detail to every session, ensuring you feel both relaxed and rejuvenated. Her unique healing touch is complemented by her ability to bring a little structure and time management to the otherwise free-flowing vibe of Sunny’s events.

Janice Glyman Bue - Operations Manager

Janice is a consummate professional with more than ten years of experience in event planning and customer service. She joined the team in 2022 and has since excelled in providing customer support and assisting Sunny in all ways. 

Janice plays a key role in orchestrating the captivating events and excursions that Sunny is known for. With her attention to detail and a deep passion for crafting exceptional experiences, Janice has quickly become an invaluable asset to the team.

Brandi Strieter - Community Ambassador

As the Community Ambassador for Sunny Dawn Johnston, Brandi Strieter is pivotal in fostering a nurturing and supportive environment within the vibrant SDJ communities. Her deep commitment to spiritual growth and transformation shines through as she facilitates connections, offers guidance, and provides essential support to members. 

With a background rich in spiritual teaching and energy healing, Brandi brings empathy, wisdom, and a profound understanding of the healing journey. Her presence in the community not only enhances the experience of each member but also embodies the values and vision of Sunny Dawn Johnston’s transformative work. Brandi’s dedication to this role reflects her passion for helping others discover and embrace their full spiritual potential.

Diana Cupp
I love traveling in general and traveling with Sunny and her crew just amplifies all of that.

Eli Harvala
Kissed a sting ray’s tail for 7 years good luck.

Staci Lee Mitchell-Randall
I’ve had a great time and learned a lot.

Vicki Martinelli
It’s my first cruise and it has been a wonderful experience.

Yes, Sunny! I Want To Celebrate My Spirit At Sea With You & Your Team!

Our Cruise Specialist …

Our cruise specialist, Jerry Miner, will take care of all of your cruise-related questions and your registration for the cruise part of our adventure. Once you have registered with him, he will personally ensure that you are registered with Norwegian Cruise Lines for the special group rate. Upon registering on his website, you will be required to make a $250 deposit per person. You must register with him here.

Once you register with Jerry, you will need to register on my official site for the at-sea workshops or New Orleans pre-trip package. workshops. The $111 workshop deposit is non-refundable.

There are no refunds once you have purchased your space for our workshop. We are always creating collaborative interactive experiences for our students and clients and we welcome you! We have commitments, which are non-refundable, therefore we are not able to refund your registration once purchased. Thank you for honoring your commitment.

I just returned from an amazing experience, traveling with Sunny Dawn Johnson and team to the Caribbean. It was so fun to connect with former travel mates from previous retreats and trips and to meet new friends too. Everywhere on and off the ship, running into people you know thru Sunny and ELEV8 and Sunny’s onboard classes, there was instant connection and ease. There was always fun stuff to do on the ship and friends to do things with. Never a dull moment!❤️
Pam Ameigh-Duffner
Cruise Participant
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