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Just $22 – regularly $100+ … Buy today and save

The Love Never Ends
– This course will bring YOU a real and tangible connection between this world and the Afterlife. No matter who you are or how long your loved one has been in Spirit, YOU can connect with them. If you have a heart connection with someone, you are the very best medium for them … if you can raise your vibration and get out of your own way.

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Invoking the Archangels – In this course, I will show you how to call out to each individual Archangel, to know them by name, and to develop your own special relationship with each and every one of them. I will detail the personalities, gifts, and traits of each of the seven Archangels, and help you form a clear picture of the abundant energy, vibration, and unconditional love that each of the Archangels have for us.

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Coupon Expires December 3

2. Spirit of the Season Special:

Angels Bundle
Bring in the high vibrational energy of the Angels. Invite in unconditional love, guidance, and wisdom with this bundle. A perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Angels Bundle: Archangel Michael 33-day Guidebook, Archangel Raphael 33-day Guidebook, Invoking the Archangels Cards, Soapstone Angel, and a rose quartz stone – $39 (valued at $60+ retail)

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3. Angel and Word of the Year mini-readings

(only a few slots remaining from the extra 50 slots that were opened November 30)

Angel of the Year reveals which angel is YOUR personal guide for 2023. Yep, a sacred, celestial being uniquely designated to you, to guide, protect and comfort you as the year progresses and life constantly shifts and changes.

Word of the Year uncovers YOUR personal theme for 2023. Your distinct word contains special meaning and frequency that will support you in achieving and sustaining clarity, focus, and peace while remaining aligned with your soul’s desires all year long.

See all the details here:

4. Release 2022 and Vision the New Year Workshop

Wednesday, December 28 via Zoom, 5-7pm PACIFIC
Are you ready to RELEASE 2022 and CREATE some Harmony, Healing, and Happiness? Join me for a releasing ceremony to let go of 2022 followed by intentional visioning for the NEW YEAR!!! We will focus on finding the gifts and bringing forward the grace. Once we let go of the old, I will teach you tools to create anew … to manifest like crazy.

Join me for this annual workshop filled with community, connection, clear vision, and tangible tools to secure the growth you desire for 2023!

Check out all the details and Register HERE

5. Intuition 365 Playground

Intuition 365 Playground
is a place to focus on developing those inherent gifts that you were born with. We all were born with these gifts! Some people are more aware of their gifts than others, but everyone has the gift of intuition. If you have a Spirit – which you do – you are intuitive! It is time, my friend; it is time to get even more skilled at tapping in and tuning into these natural abilities. Spend this year with me and your friends focusing on all things Intuition. Join us in this HIGHLY INTERACTIVE experiential community as I help you understand and develop those innate gifts that you were born with.

If you know that you want to expand your skills & connect with the Spirit world in a greater way, then check out this new Intuition 365 community.

Check out all the details and Register HERE

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