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Sunday, February 23 – Saturday March 1
$250 deposit per person required thru our travel agent Jerry Miner to reserve your spot on the actual Caribbean Cruise
Submit your cabin deposit HERE: https://www.sacredspaces.org/sdj-ncl

Sunny Dawn Johnston Workshop fee will be collected separately: $555

This event is an optional add-on to the 7- Day Caribbean Cruise which departs New Orleans on February 23, 2025. Please click here to see all the cruise details and make your cruise cabin reservations.

Exclusive At Sea Workshops To Enhance Your Experience

In addition to our days of fun in the sun on our 7-Day Caribbean Cruise, you will have the option of joining my team and me for a total of 10 hours of intimate and exclusive workshops as we sail to and from the Western Caribbean.

My approach to teaching is organic and, in the moment, so topics and themes will be determined by your needs and those of the group. Each lesson and offering co-created will cleanse and liberate the mind-body-spirit and enable you to receive nature’s healing magic and magnificence at the deepest level possible. Because your voice will shape the nature and outcome of this wellness retreat, these workshops will be unique to this group and will likely never be offered again.

A large part of your personal healing experience during our two days at sea will be what I call “A Journey To The Heart.” This sacred process allows you to safely and openly explore areas in your life that have prevented you from knowing that you are, and will always be, a magnificent expression of steadfast light and love in their purest forms.

You will also learn the true meaning of unconditional love and how to express the freedom that comes with embodying it. Plus, you will unearth the extraordinary power you possess when you realize that love is life’s only driving force and it truly never ends.

Each day and every night, we will connect, heal, laugh, and play as I lead the way to promote optimal health and wellness, spiritual growth, and harmony in your life. My incredible team will be present and by your side to deliver that extra boost of love, guidance, laughter, and support that keeps you uplifted and on track.

These onboard workshops require a separate $555 registration fee.

Reserve your spot with a $111 initial deposit.

Event Time

February 23(Sunday) - March 1(Saturday) (All Day)

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