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How to Facilitate a Healing Retreat Masterclass

Friday, June 23 Noon- 1:30pm PACIFIC

Are you ready to transform lives, including your own?

Sunny Dawn Johnston’s Healing Retreat Masterclass will give you the confidence, knowledge, and skills to plan and lead powerful, transformative retreats.

Dive deep into planning strategies, learn how to create unforgettable experiences, navigate the legalities, and master pricing your retreats to earn tens of thousands of dollars.

With Sunny’s 22 years of retreat planning expertise you’ll learn the art of leading retreats and unlock the potential within you to facilitate meaningful, life-altering experiences for others.
If it’s time to step into your power and lead transformative healing retreats that make a lasting difference in others’ lives, then I invite you to join me, Sunny Dawn Johnston, in my Healing Retreat Masterclass.

Facilitating a Healing Retreat Masterclass – ONLINE
Friday, June 23, Noon- 1:30pm PACIFIC
(begins 3:00pm ET, 2:00pm CT, 1:00pm MT)
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Here’s what we will cover together:

I've created this Masterclass to provide a

guide to planning, executing, and evaluating your own healing retreats. 

  • Mastering a Confident Retreat Leader Mindset: I’ll share my tips and exercises to help you cultivate a mindset of success and confidence as a retreat leader.
  • Preparing Your Business: I’ll guide you through essential steps to prepare your business as you step into facilitating retreats, in addition to the services you already offer.
  • Designing Transformational Experiences: We’ll cover how to design retreats that provide transformative experiences, not just standard workshops.
  • Retreat Content Creation: I’ll help you identify what to teach or offer on your retreat to create a meaningful, one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Legalities and Insurance: I’ll share the basic legal and insurance essentials you need to be aware of for running safe and responsible retreats.
  • Pricing Strategy: Finally, I’ll share how to determine what to charge for your retreat, balancing costs and your desired profit margins to establish a successful and sustainable retreat business.

This is more than a class ...

it's your steppingstone to becoming a beacon of healing and transformation.

I’ve created this Masterclass to provide a guide to planning, executing, and evaluating your own healing retreats. 

This class is a culmination of decades of experience, expertise, and passion for helping others on their healing journey, and it's designed to empower you to become a successful retreat leader.

This Masterclass is designed to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to plan, execute, and lead transformative healing retreats.

Throughout this Masterclass, you’ll journey through the critical aspects of retreat planning, from the inception of an idea to the actual execution and post-retreat responsibilities.

If you are ready to add retreats to your list of offerings OR you want to learn how to make retreats very profitable, join me today and take the first step towards retreat leadership.

What You Will Get Out of this Class

Mastery of Retreat Planning and Execution

Upon completion of the Healing Retreat Masterclass, you’ll have achieved a comprehensive understanding of retreat planning. From designing transformative experiences to managing legalities, insurance, and pricing, you’ll be ready to plan, execute, and assess your own healing retreats with confidence and skill.

Elevated Business Savvy

The class equips you with practical business strategies to integrate retreats into your existing portfolio and make them highly profitable. You’ll be able to expand your services, diversify your revenue stream, and establish a sustainable retreat business, thereby amplifying your overall business success.

Empowered Leadership and Influence

This Masterclass will fortify your leadership skills and boost your self-confidence. As a retreat leader, you’ll be able to inspire, heal, and guide your participants effectively. This transformation will elevate your reputation, helping you make a lasting impact on the lives of others and earn recognition in your field.

Meet Sunny

Sunny Dawn Johnston: Retreat Leader, Transformational Thought Leader, Spiritual Biz Mentor

Sunny Dawn Johnston is an acclaimed retreat leader, transformative thought leader, and spiritual business mentor with an established track record of creating life-changing experiences. Best known for her immersive retreats and workshops, Sunny has successfully guided thousands of individuals on their spiritual journeys, whether in-person or online.

With an extensive background as a psychic medium, Sunny brings a unique perspective to the art of retreat leading, incorporating intuitive practices and teachings from the angelic realm. As the author of twenty-two books, including the flagship bestsellers “Invoking the Archangels” and “The Love Never Ends,” she infuses her retreat leadership with key insights from these works. These enriching elements have become the foundation of her retreats, promoting a higher vibrational, multi-dimensional experience.

In addition to her retreat leadership, Sunny is a weekly columnist for Woman’s World magazine and a dedicated mentor to aspiring retreat leaders. She passionately shares her knowledge and expertise, empowering others to tap into their intuitive abilities and create transformative retreat experiences.

Sunny’s vibrant global community is a testament to her expertise as a retreat leader. She has a natural ability to connect individuals with their hearts and the core of their being, and her retreats serve as catalysts for personal growth and spiritual connection. Through her courses, private sessions, and live events, Sunny continues to inspire and guide individuals towards leading transformative healing retreats.

This masterclass would be good for:

Coaches, therapists, or practitioners

looking to expand their services to include retreats.

Individuals in the wellness, spiritual

or holistic health sectors wanting to diversify their offerings.

Yoga, meditation,

or fitness instructors seeking to create immersive experiences for their students.

Retreat Leaders

Aspiring retreat leaders seeking a comprehensive understanding of how to plan and execute successful retreats.

Business owners

in the wellness and self-improvement industries aiming to engage their community in a deeper and more meaningful way.


seeking to create a sustainable business model around running retreats.

Existing retreat leaders

who want to enhance their skills, increase their retreat’s value, and grow their business.

Individuals with a passion

for helping others on their healing journey and wanting to create transformative experiences.

Sunny's Happy Clients!

The Sedona Retreat brought me healing and peace that my soul needed so very badly. I left having a renewed spirit and a deep love and respect for my fellow attendees.


Retreat Participant

Sunny has a free spirit approach to her retreats allowing her Angels and Guides to participate in the activities. She encourages participants to explore their perceptions and attitudes. And creates an atmosphere of family and acceptance among strangers.


Retreat Participant

Thank you so much to Sunny for an amazing experience in the breathtaking environment of Sedona, AZ. It is so amazing to me the amount of deep healing that can take place in such a short amount of focused time.


Retreat Participant

Sunny – What an amazing journey!! There are no words to describe the beautiful experience you created this weekend! I cannot thank you enough for the new-found friendships, the closeness to Spirit and the wonderful insight I received on a personal level.


Retreat Participant

“Thank you so much for such an amazing and insightful Body retreat.  I would recommend this retreat to anyone that has any type of body aliments, body issues or just someone that desires a closer connection between their Mind, Body and Spirit.


Retreat Participant

This is my 3rd retreat with Sunny and each retreat has provided me with a much clearer perspective on the work in which I am in need of doing. Sunny has a special gift of allowing Spirit to work through her and guide her as to what is being called forth within that moment.


Retreat Participant

Your Journey to Leading Transformative Retreats Begins Here!

Secure your spot in Sunny’s Masterclass and get ready to create unforgettable healing experiences.

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