Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

Mind, Body, Spirit Healing Retreat with Sunny Dawn Johnston

The Music Moves You, the Experience Connects You, and the Process Teaches You

October 12-15, 2023 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Sunny and Team are heading back to Minnesota to offer her highly regarded Mind, Body, Spirit Healing Retreat. Receive the guidance and healing you are looking for as we dive into all things Mind, Body, and Spirit. Sunny will help you to shift your mindset, open your heart, connect with your body, and tap into your spirit in ways that help you to heal your life and expand your awareness.

We know how hard it is to really take the time to focus on YOU – like really focus on you. It’s tough with a busy life and a busy mind to find the time and space, right? Imagine spending three nights and four days just focused on you … your needs, your dreams, your wants and desires … and the things that have been holding you back from receiving them. This weekend is about YOU, and it will help you to release the energy that has kept you stuck, fearful, or unable to stay focused … and move you into alignment, connection, and a greater sense of yourself.

Transform Your Mindset

We will help you to look within and unlock your inner wisdom. With Sunny’s guidance, you will learn how to shift your mindset into a positive growth mindset, recognize the fears that keep you stuck, and investigate what is holding you back from your dreams and desires. You will gain a better understanding of yourself and be able to create a life that is more fulfilling and meaningful.

Connect with Your Intuition

At the retreat, you will learn how to connect with your intuition in a greater, more powerful way. By learning how to meet people where they are, you will be able to open your heart to greater possibilities and open up to greater connections with yourself and others. You will gain greater insight into yourself, and be able to make more empowered decisions that are in alignment with your truth.

Expand Your Awareness

You will have the opportunity to explore all aspects of yourself and expand your awareness. Through exploring and embracing the journey of self-healing and growth, you will be able to create a life that is more in alignment with your truth. You will gain the clarity and insight needed to begin taking action on your dreams and desires, and be able to make positive and lasting changes in your life.

Heal Your Heart & Awaken Your Truth on this Healing Retreat

Meditations & Visualizations to Re-Awaken Your Inner Truth

Through guided meditations and visualizations, you will have the opportunity to re-awaken the part of you that knows the truth of who you are. Allow yourself to be guided through the journey of self-discovery, finding your inner strength and confidence. As you explore deeper within yourself, you will begin to feel liberated and empowered by the truths of who you are.

Live Music from Soul Musician, Kris Voelker

Experience the healing power of music with live music from soul musician, Kris Voelker. Her music will allow you to sink into a state of peace and serenity while you journey to the depths of your soul. Allow yourself to feel the uplifting vibrations of her music as it guides you to the inner depths of your being.

Healing Ceremony to Release That Which No Longer Serves You

Each person attending this retreat will have an opportunity to participate in a healing ceremony. This ceremony will guide you through the process of releasing that which no longer serves you and opening up to the healing energy that you desire and deserve. Through this ceremony, you will find peace, clarity, and healing within yourself.

A Life-Changing Retreat Awaits You

An Unforgettable Experience

Come join us on an unforgettable healing retreat and journey of transformation. With over two decades of experience, our retreats are highly sought after and are known for leaving a lasting impact on our participants.

Enjoy a Variety of Activities

We have a variety of activities for you to enjoy during your stay. Explore the beautiful grounds, get a massage, relax in the jacuzzi, take a dip in the lake, or just hang out with new friends. Whatever you choose to do during your free time, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Limited Space Available

Space is limited, so make sure to get your deposit in ASAP if you are interested in joining us. We are excited to offer you this amazing and healing in-depth Mind, Body, Spirit experience, so don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Once the spots are gone, they’re gone!

SUBMIT YOUR DEPOSIT of $333 to hold your spot

As a reminder, we have a limited number of spots available for this retreat. This will sell out quickly! We will be spending our time together at the Lodge on Lake Detroit. Once you have submitted your deposit, you will receive an email with the code to book your preferred room.

We have reserved many of the lakefront rooms as well as a few others, so you have some choices.

Here is what I can tell you about the

Retreat Package

Included is: All retreat activities & outdoor excursions.

Breakfast each morning is provided by the hotel; 2 catered lunches and 1 dinner is included with retreat.

Retreat does not include: Transportation (air or car), lodging or extra services.

Retreat Dates

October 12-15, 2023
Lodge on Lake Detroit
1200 East Shore Drive
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

The Deposit

$333 to hold your spot in the Retreat Package, which will be required at the time of registration; Payment plans are available. Deposits are non-refundable. Once you have submitted your deposit, you will receive an email with the code to book your preferred room.

Retreat Times

Retreat starts at 6pm on Thursday the 12th and ends at noon on Sunday the 15th.

The Experience

LIFE Changing!!!

Here is what I can tell you about the

Full Package

Everything in the Regular Retreat Packages PLUS  VIP DAY: Thursday 9am-1pm – Lunch is included. These spots are VERY limited to offer a very personalized experience

VIP DAY does not include: Transportation (air or car) or Lodging for Wednesday night

VIP Dates

Come in on Wednesday, enjoy a half-day VIP experience with the team on Thursday and have an awesome retreat on the weekend.

The Deposit

$900 Additional Cost; $444 to hold your spot in the Full Package. Deposits are non-refundable. Once you have submitted your deposit, you will receive an email with the code to book your preferred room.

VIP Times

Thursday 9am-1pm – Lunch is included

The Experience

One full extra day to have a total of 5 days and 4 nights together!

This VIP Day allowed me to clarify my intentions for the entire remainder of the retreat … and gave me a huge jumpstart for the many valuable experiences that followed!

Retreat Package

4 day / 3-night
$ 2333
  • all retreat activities & outdoor excursions
  • Breakfast each morning is provided by the hotel
  • 2 catered lunches
  • 1 dinner

The FULL PACKAGE: Retreat + VIP Day

5 day / 4 Night
$ 3233
  • Everything included in the retreat PLUS: VIP DAY
  • Come in a day early – enjoy the lodge and spa!
  • Spend 4 hours with Sunny and the team on Thursday, focusing on exactly what YOU need.
  • Get in a whole day of healing before the retreat starts
  • Have a personalized session with Sunny and the team, focused on your needs
  • Maximize the benefits of the retreat with tailored guidance
  • Increase your energy and comfort level by spending time together before the retreat
  • Get grounded in your space, have some relaxing time with Sunny and the team, and get to know your fellow retreaters in an easy-going environment
  • Enjoy lunch on Thursday with the team

Our Happy Customers

The Sedona Retreat brought me healing and peace that my soul needed so very badly. I left having a renewed spirit and a deep love and respect for my fellow attendees.



This retreat has redefined my life – from how I feel about myself, my children, my work – everything! Thank you Sunny for helping me connect with what is important in my life and helping me find my new journey.



Sunny has a free spirit approach to her retreats allowing her Angels and Guides to participate in the activities. She encourages participants to explore their perceptions and attitudes. And creates an atmosphere of family and acceptance among strangers.



The fact that complete strangers, of all walks of life, can commune and open themselves up emotionally and connect and show love, respect and trust for one another in a safe environment… Beautiful! Too many perfect moments, best parts, of the retreat to list. Honestly, feel it may be tough to top this retreat.



The best part of the retreat was the entire retreat!! I thank you and cannot express the gratitude for the healing and energy work done that you had everyone do to help me. I felt blessed and grateful and felt so much love. I loved everything about the retreat! The dancing, the energy work, the love exercises and breathing as one exercise was amazing.



Thank you so much to Sunny for an amazing experience in the breathtaking environment of Sedona, AZ. It is so amazing to me the amount of deep healing that can take place in such a short amount of focused time. I have made so many true friends and soul connections with complete strangers in a completely unconditional loving environment. I truly enjoyed every moment of the retreat and can’t wait until the next one.



This is my 3rd retreat with Sunny and each retreat has provided me with a much clearer perspective on the work in which I am in need of doing. Sunny has a special gift of allowing Spirit to work through her and guide her as to what is being called forth within that moment. If you are wanting to learn more about the essence of which you are, if you are wanting to connect with others who are on their spiritual journey, and if you are wanting to remember just how important our connection is to one another – then you must join us on the next retreat to help nourish your soul!!



Sunny – What an amazing journey!! There are no words to describe the beautiful experience you created this weekend! I cannot thank you enough for the new-found friendships, the closeness to Spirit and the wonderful insight I received on a personal level. Your angelic guidance rocketed us into another dimension…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I will definitely be back for more!!



It was perfect and the best weekend I have ever had and I will never forget it! I wrote in my journal every day to keep the memories of the weekend (Which is a first!) and I love all the work and energy that you put into everything you teach to us! I will attend every retreat!! Thank you so much Sunny for the best weekend ever! Love you.



I Look Forward to Seeing You There!

All Deposits are non-refundable; all monies collected are non-refundable 75 Days from 10/12/23, the start date of the retreat

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