Mystery Trip?

Join Sunny and Team for our FOURTH Mystery Trip and leave the planning to us!

Woohoo…We Had Fun!!

What a wonderful journey! Beautiful women, unique opportunities, and full access to the most amazing SDJ team. Many new friends, support group, warmth, and nonstop belly laughs! I highly recommend SDJ Mystery Trips!
Bonnie Larson
An amazing weekend full of amazing people! The surprise of finding out where we were going combined with the all of the sharing and learning really made this the best weekend of my life.
Connie Mianecki
It was exciting to let go and just blindly trust another to guide me on an adventure!!! Just signed up for another adventure!!!
Margy Gavin

Where are we going?
Well, we can’t tell you that or it wouldn’t be a mystery.

Put on your adventure boots and join us for a SURPRISE trip … to … WHO KNOWS WHERE!  SUNNY DOES!!!

You will experience community, culture and most of all connection!!!!
Four days / three nights
February 23 – 26, 2023
$333 deposit
(SAVE $111 if your deposit received by 4/10)

Costs vary based on occupancy

Once the confirmed final dates and prices are announced then you will have 10 days to decide if they work for you and can request a refund within that time frame if they don’t

Specific Room Accommodation Total Pricing TBD

Here’s YOUR chance to do something for YOU!!! Just show up and we’ll do the rest!

Your Investment Includes:

  • 5 amazing meals throughout the trip (you bring your own snacks and pay for 3 meals)
  • All transportation to, from and throughout
  • 3 nights hotel room – Your Choice of Single, Double, Triple or Quad occupancy / bring your own roommate or we can assign one or two for you
  • All group activities (optional to participate)
  • All entrance or excursion fees for planned group activities  (optional to participate)
  • Learning, Growing and Healing time with SDJ
  • Play, Fun and lots of opportunities to BE!
  • Priceless time hanging with amazing soul sisters
  • Lots of time with SDJ and her fabulous team

Specific Room Accommodation Total Pricing TBD

We will leave Phoenix at 9am on Thursday and arrive back to Phoenix by 5pm on Sunday  at a central location.

Spots are VERY LIMITED for our MYSTERY TRIP so …
Reserve yours today with a $333 deposit.
(SAVE $111 if your deposit received by 4/10)

Join us for our next SDJ Team Adventure!!

What people are saying about the Mystery Trip!!

I loved the adventure of getting in a car and going on a journey with fun-loving people. What is even better is that no matter where you go, the community of people with you is amazing. I find my best times are just hanging and sharing with people I enjoy. I felt acceptance, connection, support and laughter and got to know some pretty amazing people. I learned a lot about people and myself as well. I noticed this trip also offered a bit of everything for everyone. If you wanted downtime, you had it; if you wanted community, you had it; if you wanted to go see the horses and sunset while others were finishing dinner, you did it. People celebrated experiences together but also celebrated people’s journeys. I loved the experiences, the horses, the campfire coffee, the location …. but most of all the people.
Amy Sutherland
I was happy to let go of control and head out to a destination that I had NO idea where I was going. I loved how many ladies were solo on this trip and just dove in head first- My spirit needed a vacation,fun , laughter and most of all adventure! What I knew would happen in the most organic way was my spirit also needed connection and even a little healing of some old fears. An old coal mine 1000 feet under the ground surrounded by support will heal any fear, my friend. I left my house feeling a little run down and tired and returned home feeling full, connected, sassy and full of fire! The side conversations and new friendships and of course connection were the cherry on top of all of the fun and unexpected adventure. I cant wait for the next one!
Jodie Harvala
I am so excited to have been a part of this amazing Mystery! Blindly being led to an unknown destination brought excitement and joy at each new turn. Together we guessed, fantasized and laughed as we followed our leader, SDJ. I am hooked. I’m booked for #2
Victoria Robinette
I was not disappointed! I experienced a new place with new people and loved it!
Beth Bliss
Adventure , laughter, community, loving people to share time with
Joy Sorge
The mystery trip was Awesome! I was so excited to see where we were going! It was so nice to be able to go with a group of like minded souls and share space and relax! I can't wait for the next one!
Karina Robbins
I was so surprised and felt like my excited 6 year old self when we reached our destination. The trip was full of laughter that both healed and filled me up. It was a magical adventure with a soulful group of spirit seeking women. Sharing space and energy with this like minded tribe was an uplifting gift!! Thank you all!!
Kathryn Kiecker

Join Sunny and Team for a Mystery Trip and leave the planning to us!

Have a communal experience with like-minded people as you explore the world … with SDJ and team.

How it works:

You register now … that holds your spot and guarantees you a fun time with SDJ and team.

These Mystery trip spots sold out VERY quickly. The last time within hours Put in your deposit to hold your spot now. 

Once registered, you just sit back and let us do the work.

About 2 weeks before your departure, you receive an email with the following details:

  • The weather forecast for your mystery destination
  • Recommended items to pack (ex: a bathing suit, hiking boots, etc.)
  • Any luggage size restrictions
  • Where to go and when for the pick-up (ex: Grand Central Station on Thursday at 8:30am

Limited Spots Available, RSVP NOW!!!

We had a BLAST on our last Mystery Trip. Come and JOIN US!

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