Adventure to the Ancient Cities Peru - June 26 – July 10, 2023

with Sunny Dawn Johnston


“Peru, the richest country in the world,” invites us to discover that being rich isn’t about having the most; it’s about experiencing the most unforgettable moments. And these experiences begin on your Adventure to the Ancient Cities, Peru June 26 – July 10, 2023, a place where the diversity and authenticity of the culture, nature and food hold the essence of life itself.

Do I have a trip to share with you

One I have been wanting to experience for over a decade! My team and I are going to Peru, and this is your invitation. There are a very limited number of spots left for this trip, as it filled up just through word of mouth and no advertising.

So, if Peru is on your list of MUSTS, join us in 2023 for the adventure of a lifetime!!!


Peru is a land of beauty, amazing people, and a rich history. The land of the Incas. Our Journey will certainly cover most of the places people want to see when visiting this amazing country.

We will arrive in Lima after our flight from Los Angeles and then catch a short flight to Cusco. In Cusco we then catch a bus and head for the Sacred Valley where we will acclimate to the high elevation, participate in a ceremony with a Quechua Shaman, and experience some of our first Incan ruins.

We will visit one of the larger Incan complexes outside of Machu Picchu, the site at Ollyataytambo.

Our group will also visit the village of Chinchero, a place where a group of ladies have created a weaving co-op. We will see the natural elements they use to wash and dye the yarn, and the ancient way they weave the textiles … which we then will have an opportunity to purchase.

Of course, no trip to Peru would be complete without visiting Machu Picchu.

After our 2 visits to Machu Picchu we will spend some time in the city of Cusco. In Cusco we will visit the famous Incan site, Sacsayhuaman.

We will also visit the Qorikancha, ​the site ​of a churchbuilt on top of an older Incan ruin.

On our walking tour of Cusco we will visit the Cusco Cathedral. This is a site that on the surface doesn’t look to be anything special, but once you get inside, the majesty of this special place begins to unfold at every turn.

From Cusco we head to Lake Titicaca, a beautiful and mysterious lake that is known for its UFO activity. While at the lake we will visit the Uros Islands, a series of floating man-made islands located in a bay in the lake.

We will also visit the Island of Taquile where a group of natives also have formed a textile co-op. From this island you can see the snow-capped mountains of Bolivia.

One of the highlights for many is the Star Gate at Aramu Muru.

Peru ​​​Itinerary


Upon arrival in Cusco, group will be picked up and transferred from Cusco to the Sacred Valley with lunch on route. On arrival, check into the hotel for the next five nights. (Check In: 14:00) The rest of the day is at your leisure. We can arrange a meeting space for group. Overnight at Sonesta Posada Del Inca Yucay Hotel, Standard room


Breakfast at the hotel and then group will have a meeting space available for 4 hours. This evening, group will be with Shaman, who will be doing a “Pago a la tierra” Ceremony.

Overnight at Sonesta Posada Del Inca Yucay Hotel, Standard room


​Breakfast at the hotel and then group will head towards the Raqchi viewpoint, from where you will have a privileged view of the Urubamba Valley. Then, you will head to Ollantaytambo, where you can visit the archaeological complex of the same name, one of the largest in Peru, which is strategically located on top of a mountain. Afterwards, you will descend to the town of Ollantaytambo, which stands out for maintaining the Inca urban planning as part of its original urban layout, with some buildings and narrow stone streets. You can tour the town and visit the local market. Return to the hotel and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at your leisure. We can arrange a meeting space for group. Overnight at Sonesta Posada Del Inca Yucay Hotel, Standard room


Breakfast at the hotel and then ​group will visit to the village of Chinchero to the northwest of Cusco. This picturesque village was an important Inca center and is known for the traditional Andean weaving techniques still used by its people. Wearing traditional clothes, the people of Chinchero meet in the Main Square to sell local handicrafts to visitors – a colorful and beautiful spectacle. Return to the hotel and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at your leisure. We can arrange a meeting space for group. Overnight at Sonesta Posada Del Inca Yucay Hotel, Standard room


​Breakfast at the hotel and then group will head to the fascinating archaeological site of Moray in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Visit its huge concentric terraces, which the Incas used as a botanical laboratory. Then, you will visit the salt mines of Maras, where the finest salt in the world is extracted: Maras salt. The area looks like a mosaic of terraces and ponds, offering an unparalleled view to those who love to take amazing photographs. Return to the hotel and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at your leisure. We can arrange a meeting space for group. Overnight at Sonesta Posada Del Inca Yucay Hotel, Standard room


Breakfast at the hotel and then group will check out. At the scheduled time, transfer from your Sacred Valley hotel to the Ollantaytambo train station for a visit to one of the most important tourist destinations in the world: Machu Picchu. The excursion starts with a train trip to the town of Aguas Calientes, also known as Machu Picchu Pueblo. The natural beauty of the surroundings makes the train the best way to start your visit. When you arrive, you will start the ascent to the ruins, which will without a doubt be one of your most unforgettable experiences. At Machu Picchu you can see one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World and take some impressive photos. Then it is back down to Aguas Calientes for lunch in a local restaurant. Finally, you board the bus down to the town for a well-deserved rest after checking into your hotel for one night. Dinner is included at the hotel tonight. Overnight at Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel – Aguas Calientes, Sumaq Deluxe room type


Morning trip to visit the Machu Picchu archeological complex on your own. (Included entrance ticket and bus ticket) Group will then return by train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo station and then be picked up and transferred to Cusco. Check into the hotel for the next three nights. Overnight at Casa Andina Premium Cusco Hotel, standard room type


Breakfast at the hotel and then group will visit the most outstanding archaeological sites near the city of Cusco. You will start with Sacsayhuaman, an Inca construction that stands out for its enormous carved stone walls and for having a wide view of the city of Cusco. Continue with a visit to Puca-Pucará, place that would have served as “tambo” or resting place and accommodation of the Inca. Afterwards, you will visit the archaeological site of Tambomachay, a place that would have had an important religious function during that time. Finally, you will visit Kenko, an archaeological site where the Sun, Moon and Stars were celebrated. Return to the hotel and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at your leisure. Overnight at Casa Andina Premium Cusco Hotel, standard room type


​Breakfast at the hotel and then group will take a tour of Cusco, the imposing Imperial City, an example of the harmonious coexistence between the Andean and Spanish cultures. Start with a visit to the Plaza de Armas, where you will visit the Cathedral, the most important temple in the city. Then you will continue on foot until you reach the Koricancha Temple, an ancient Inca palace and cult center of the Sun God, on which the order of the Dominicans built a church which remains standing to this day. Your tour will finish with a visit to the Bohemian neighborhood of San Blas, also known as “the artists’ district”, cradle of well-known folk artisans, with its narrow and winding streets and its popular art and knick-knacks shops. Return to the hotel and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at your leisure Overnight at Casa Andina Premium Cusco Hotel, standard room type


Breakfast at the hotel and then group will check out. At the scheduled time, transfer to the train station to board the train for your journey to Puno. Note: Train only operate on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This spectacular train trip starts in the historical city of Cusco and goes south, to Puno, by the side of Lake Titicaca. The glass windows on the Titicaca train will let you perfectly observe the beautiful landscape: the train slowly ascends to very high and cold places, around the magnificent Andes mountain range, and over the deep Huatanay River valleys. Then the train goes through the Andean plains, where you can see vicunas and alpacas grazing among the small villages along the road. The trip includes a stop at La Raya, the highest spot of the 4 routes, to observe the spectacular landscape at 4,300 meters above sea level. The trip includes a three-course lunch on board. Upon arrival, group will be picked up and taken to the hotel for check in for the next two nights Overnight at Libertador Lago Titicaca Puno, Lake view room


Breakfast at the hotel and then group will begin the tour at Huayllano, the lake port for the Isle of Taquile, whose inhabitants give a friendly welcome to visitors. Traditions, customs and colorful costumes are maintained on the island. The islanders are skillful craftsmen and employ the techniques developed over the centuries by their ancestors. You will be welcomed into one of the houses to share their activities, such as weaving. After this is a delicious lunch made from local ingredients. Then, a walk back to the Main Square to board the launch that will take you to the floating islands of Uros. These islands consist of layers of totora and are their inhabitants’ homes and workplaces. Note: Taquile Island has some uphill steps portions.

Overnight at Libertador Lago Titicaca Puno, Lake view room


Breakfast at the hotel and then group be picked up for a half day tour. Pass by Ilave district, located 70km from Puno city, then we arrive to Aramu Muru. These are strange sandstone formations that over time have formed several figures such as the tired horse, the Inca drinking fountain, and Uta or Aramu Willka, which is known as the Tridimentional Gate with great similarity to the Puerta del Sol of the Kalasasaya Temple in Bolivia. It is also said this a gateway to another dimension. Many mystical beliefs have been created around this door, so this place will have a lot of visits especially for those who want to explore the energy. At scheduled time, group will transfer to the airport to check in for their onward flight.

Make Your Reservations Below



Join Sunny Dawn Johnston and her team for an Adventure to the Ancient Cities, Peru June 26 – July 10, 2023. This trip requires a $750 non-refundable deposit.

Total trip cost will be $5699.

The trip will include round trip air from Los Angeles. The trip price includes 12 nights hotel accommodations, internal air, transfers, train rides, admission to all sites (there are many), all guides, all breakfasts, a couple of lunches, and two or three dinners. This price does not include workshop time with Sunny.

It is suggested that you contact Jerry Miner to set up a payment plan where you can on a monthly basis make payments towards your trip. Otherwise, there will be another deposit for airfare required in summer of 2023. Final payment will be due 2/28/2023. It is also highly recommended that you purchase trip insurance. You can do this through Jerry, or you can purchase on your own. Many folks buy annual travel insurance plans that cover their travel for the year. Ask Jerry Miner if you need further details.

This is the itinerary we are looking at. This is subject to minor modification, but is expected to represent the places we plan on visiting.

There are no refunds once you have purchased your space for our workshop. We are always creating collaborative interactive experiences for our students and clients and we welcome you! We have commitments, which are non-refundable, therefore we are not able to refund your registration once purchased. Thank you for honoring your commitment.


​There will be an additional 10 hours of teaching, learning and experiential time with Sunny and her team, scheduled around the excursions in Peru. There will be a special Peruvian excursion added, open only to those that participate in the workshop. Of course, Sunny and her team will be joining you throughout … taking in the mountains, soaking up the energy and hanging where the fun is too. That is the great thing. We will all be there together having the time of our lives.

Sunny’s teaching is very organic.
It is based on the needs of the group. The topic for the workshops will follow along with that style … Sunny teaches a Mind, Body Spirit approach to life, based on being present and living from the heart. During this trip, you will experience a journey to the heart. You will explore areas that have long been avoided. You will dive in and peel back the layers to discover that you are truly an amazing being, walking a remarkable life. Sunny will teach you how to feel the freedom of unconditional love:

Love of self – and all that comes with truly knowing ourselves and loving ourselves innately
Love of others – and the unconditional love we choose to give … and learn how to receive
Love of life – all the ups and downs and sideways turns make life a ride
Love of Spirit – all that is seen and unseen

Our Adventure to the Ancient Cities of Peru will offer you an opportunity to do some healing during the day and some playing at night… well, actually, we will be doing both… the whole trip. Sunny will lead the way in finding harmony in life… something you may very well be yearning for yourself.

Sunny will be joined by her amazing team: Soul Musician Kris Voelker will be offering her beautiful music during the workshop times and Deb McGowan and Robin Harned will be there to support you with their myriad of talents as well. Oftentimes known as the fun ones, Sunny’s team has truly remarkable gifts of their own to share and are thrilled to be joining this Adventure.

​​​Deposit for the Workshop hours = $111
Full Payment for the Workshop hours = $555

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