Camino Connection Package: Immerse Yourself in the Energy of the Journey


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Embarking on the virtual Camino de Santiago is a special journey, and I’m excited to introduce the Camino Connection Package to amplify your experience. This exclusive opportunity lets you send a personal item of significance on the physical pilgrimage with me, allowing it to absorb the Camino’s energy, love, and healing.

As I have been preparing and planning for the Camino, I kept feeling guided to create an opportunity where a physical part of you could go along on this spiritual pilgrimage. Knowing the profound healing this journey will hold for us all, I kept asking Spirit to guide me on the best way to offer this… as I have never known anyone to do this before. This inspired me to create the Camino Connection Package. This package is a manifestation of my deep desire to share the Camino’s energy with you, no matter the geographical distance that separates us. This exclusive opportunity lets you send a personal item of significance to YOU, on the physical pilgrimage, allowing it to absorb the Camino’s wisdom, love, and healing.

I am deeply honored to guide you through this extraordinary experience. Together, we will allow the Camino’s energy to weave its threads of healing, love, and adventure into the very fabric of your personal item. Your virtual pilgrimage is intended to transcend its digital boundaries and become a cherished, lifelong memory. Let us embark on this captivating journey with open hearts and spirits aligned. Seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in the Camino’s embrace and create a bridge between your inner world and the transformative path that awaits you.

Here’s what the Camino Connection Package includes:

Personal Item Collection

Choose a meaningful item—a piece of jewelry, ashes of a loved one, a crystal, a small trinket, or a handwritten note—that holds significance to you. This item will become your tangible connection to the Camino experience, as it journeys with us along the path. (There will be size, weight, and value restrictions.)

Blessing Ceremony

Before setting off on our physical pilgrimage, we will hold a sacred blessing ceremony where your personal item will be honored. I will infuse it with positive intentions, love, and healing energy, setting the stage for a profound connection to the Camino.

Rituals throughout the Journey

Throughout the virtual walk, we will perform rituals, incorporating your personal item into our journey. Whether it’s placing it at sacred sites, holding it during meditations, or infusing it with the essence of the Camino, your item will be a vital part of our collective experience.

Energizing Updates

You will receive photos of your item’s journey along the Camino. Witness the breathtaking scenery, experience the pilgrim camaraderie, and feel the spiritual energy of the path infusing your cherished item. These updates will keep you connected and deepen your sense of participation in the pilgrimage.

Final Blessing

At the culmination of the virtual Camino de Santiago walk, we will hold a final blessing ceremony, infusing your item with the accumulated energy, love, and healing from the entire journey. This culminating moment serves as a powerful symbol of your personal connection to the transformative energy of the Camino.

Join us on this extraordinary journey and elevate your virtual Camino experience with the Camino Connection Package. Let the Camino embrace your personal item, infusing it with the rich tapestry of the pilgrimage. Take this opportunity to create a lasting connection and carry the essence of the Camino de Santiago with you, long after the virtual journey comes to a close.

The Camino Connection Package adds depth to your virtual pilgrimage, anchoring the Camino’s transformative energy to your chosen item. In real time you can connect to the Camino, through the object of your choice. Join us in this unique opportunity to carry the Camino’s essence forward.

*Limited availability. Secure your spot for the Camino Connection Package now and enhance your virtual pilgrimage experience.

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