Rise & Shine

A Mentoring Circle for Holistic Well-Being …

a program designed to elevate every aspect of your life. Tap into the essence of personal growth and discovery, and  start your transformative journey with “Rise & Shine.

March 26 – May 14, 2024

Join Me & My Supportive Community

In a world that constantly pulls us in different directions, finding a sense of harmony and inner peace is a journey we often embark on alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. My program offers a sanctuary where the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are nurtured through the collective wisdom of a supportive community.


A New Dawn for Your Holistic Growth

Rise & Shine – A Mentoring Circle for Holistic Well-Being

Each week you’ll join me in a safe and empowering space where the strength of the group amplifies individual growth. I am Sunny Dawn Johnston, aka SDJ, and I have created “Rise & Shine” as a way to open the door to discovering the true, full, amazing YOU!

Rise & Shine

is a commonly used expression that generally means to wake up and get out of bed with energy and enthusiasm. It can be seen as an encouragement to approach the day with a bright and cheerful attitude, like how the sun rises and shines to bring light to a new day. I’m inviting a little different energy than this… within the context of personal development and group mentoring like this one. 

I’m inviting you to “Rise and Shine” as a call to personal awakening and growth. I’m inviting you on a journey of self-improvement, encouraging you to step up and “rise” to your full potential and “shine” with your inner light, showing your best self to the world. 

I want to help you come into your own by embracing change, owning your power, and standing up to yourself becoming a beacon of positivity and vitality. I understand that true wellness and power extend beyond just your physical health to the quality of your thoughts, the resilience of your spirit, and the balance of your emotions. That’s what Rise and Shine is all about.

We will focus on these 4 areas:


Engage in guided practices designed to clarify your thoughts and enhance mental focus. Learn techniques to cultivate a growth mindset and harness the power of positive thinking.


Participate in sessions focused on physical health, including movement, nutrition, and rest. Explore how to listen to your body’s needs and respond with self-care.


Delve into practices that connect you with your inner self and the world around you. From meditation to mindful contemplation, find your center and your sense of purpose.


Gain tools to navigate the complexities of your emotions. Develop emotional intelligence and resilience that will guide you through life’s ups and downs.

The Circle Awaits

Joining “Rise & Shine” means becoming part of a circle that believes in the transformative power of shared experiences. Here, every voice matters, and every step forward is celebrated. Rising is about standing up for you and speaking up for you. This is a safe place for you to explore your power and step into your conference. As you do this, you begin to Shine, in all you do. The ripple happens as you learn to stand in your power and allow yourself to be seen and heard in the safety of your circle.

Our circle offers:

Interactive Sessions

Live online meetings where you can share, learn, and grow in real-time with your mentors and peers.

Community Support

A platform for continuous connection, where you can exchange ideas, seek advice, and find encouragement.

Personalized Attention

While the circle benefits from the group’s energy, individual LIVE coaching check-ins ensure that your personal journey is honored and supported.

Are you ready?

Elevate Every Aspect of Your Life

The Circle Awaits

With “Rise & Shine,” you’re not just signing up for a program; you’re stepping into a community dedicated to lifting you towards your highest potential. It’s time to embrace the dawn of your transformation. It’s time to let your life shine fully.

Join Us and Illuminate Your Path to Well-Being

Secure your spot in “Rise & Shine” today and begin the journey to elevate your life – mind, body, spirit, and emotion. Rise with us, shine with us, and witness the beauty of your life unfold.

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