Change Your Habits with Summer Sizzle – class begins MONDAY

8 days to a healthier you!

I need this kick in my butt! The year is more than half over and I need to reset my motivation and get back on track!”

The SUMMER SIZZLE 8-DAY TUNEUP is an online class and group coaching program for those who want to add the sizzle back into their life.

Align your thoughts, adjust your habits, and soar!
We begin at 8am PACIFIC time on Monday, August 1st



This was how I felt for YEARS before I started working consistently with the Angels and learned how to shift my mindset and maintain my energy. I began to feel a healthy balance of harmony, grace, and ease.

I want to help you get to that place.

I use my tools every day to manage the twists and turns of life … and sometimes we all need some extra reminders, support, and a few new tools!!



That’s what this is about.

The SUMMER SIZZLE 8-DAY TUNEUP will guide you from “I am looking for some motivation” to …

Get excited about your life again!

If this is the lifestyle you crave, then welcome to your SUMMER SIZZLE 8-DAY TUNEUP

Join me for this LIVE 8-day online class, held each morning in a private group, to add a summer spark back into your intentions for this year. Together we can align your thoughts, adjust your habits, and energize your Spirit so we can soar into the second half of the year. Invite a friend and do it together!

There’s no time like the PRESENT moment to make BIG CHANGES!!!!!!!!!

It is time to get clear and focused … to bring in a healthy balance of harmony, grace, and ease to walk through your challenges, journeys, and adventures.

It’s time to dip in for a little Summer Sizzle TUNE-UP!

So, grab your spot NOW! Access info to our private group will be sent when your registration is received. The class will be held for 45 minutes (ish) via zoom and will feature an important tune-up topic each day. 

All classes will be LIVE via Zoom

and the replays will be available in our group. Remember, you DO NOT have to be live to participate. Each LIVE will be recorded and each replay will remain posted in the private group to access at your convenience.

Let’s get the SIZZLE back in your Summer!

Join me now!!!!

We begin Monday, August 1, 2022

I have thoroughly enjoyed these past 10 days. So much so that I just joined elev8! I look forward to continuing to work on myself, especially my limited mindset.
Sharon Eistetter
Thank you Sunny! Your class was exactly what I needed to redirect my energies to finishing my book and building my business.
Myrna Flick
First of all what a great 8 days. Thank you to everyone for being so open, loving and vulnerable. Thank you Sunny for creating this opportunity to dive deeper into ourselves.
Elias Patras
Thank you for all you do Sunny and team!! As hard as life is I know I have you all and that makes each day more bearable right now! Aha for me was we have all been in a place where we feel like we are being punished for one reason or another and we have choices in how we are going to move through it, baby steps if u must but that is ok if needed.
Amy Canine
Thank you Sunny and team for this compact class with sooo much education! As always an amazing message with an amazing group of like minded souls! This has been a great reminder to refocus my energy on myself and what I need to do to manifest the lifestyle I want.
Michelle Ista McMillian
From my grateful heart to yours (and the team), Sunny, I thank you for all you do in service of our human family. I've appreciated these past ten days--and even though I missed out officially on the group energy, it's still here and has felt like support as I've worked through the videos and homework.
Jannirose Fenimore

Meet Sunny Dawn Johnston

Sunny Dawn Johnston is an acclaimed psychic medium, changemaker, transformational thought leader, and spiritual biz mentor. She is a weekly columnist for Woman’s World magazine and the author of twenty-two books, including her flagship bestsellers, Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends, which have become the cornerstones for many of her keynote topics such as intuition, mediumship, and the angelic realm.

Through her courses, private sessions, and live events, Sunny has grown and cultivated a diverse global community. Whether in-person or online, her strong mentorship encourages thousands of students to connect with their heart and the core of their being and guides them to experience life in a higher vibrational, multi-dimensional way.

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